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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Dec 22 2021
  • Dec 23 2021
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Signature Experiences

Signature Spa Experiences

From stimulating body scrubs to relaxing cranial sacral techniques: Our Sedona body treatments, massages, and integrative therapies utilize a vast array of local, organic ingredients—creating a L’Apothecary Spa experience you won’t soon forget.

Seasonal Treatment

Winter Pine

Winter Decadence

Discover warmth and revitalization this winter. Experience a 90-minute full body exfoliation with a refreshing peppermint holiday scrub followed by a hot stone treatment with Tree of Life massage oil. Feel the sensation of a luxurious cocoon allowing the properties of Douglas Fir, sweet orange, bergamot, frankincense, dwarf pine and sandalwood to unfold while receiving a scalp, neck and foot massage to complete your full body relaxation. Finish your winter treatment with an indulgent artisan chocolate.

90 minutes, $245

Autumn Spa Treatment

Radiant Chai

Discover a warming experience with our chai spice and vanilla scrub. This seasonal treatment has been created as a sweet and sultry escape through mindful hand movements and essential inclusions of cardamom and black pepper, to warm and increase circulation through the body with a sweet vanilla body butter finish. Guests will be invited to continue their relaxation following the treatment with a hot chai tea and a candle gift highlighting the scents of chai spice and vanilla.

60 minutes, $185


Signature Experiences 5

Desert Flower Massage

Unfold into a rejuvenating 60-minute, Swedish and Deep Tissue combination massage that focuses on relaxing muscles and joints. Desert flowers found in essential oils of sage, lavender and calendula are blended with jojoba and avocado oil to create a signature blend that, along with rhythmic massage, restores the strength of the body and increases vitality – awakening your body from within.

Sage – relieves stress and tension, eases pain and promotes rest, along with gaining distance from thoughts to relieve worry, guilt, obsessions and compulsions

Lavender – relaxes the body by easing tension and pain in muscles and joints, soothes the mind from worry and anxiety, as well as stimulates healing of the skin

Calendula – beneficial to skin care by soothing inflammation and healing damaged tissue

60 minutes, $170
90 minutes – $230

Hands of woman in white robe hold white and black mortar and pestle

L’Aromatherapy Essential Massage

This signature treatment begins at the L’Apothecary Blending Bar where your massage therapist will guide you as you blend your own treatment massage oil by expressing your story through a range of aromatherapy products. This custom essential oil blend will be used throughout your treatment as well as sealed for you to take home. The treatment continues with a long flowing therapeutic Swedish massage and concluded with foot reflexology alleviating tension and improving circulation within your internal self.

75 minutes – $210

Signature Experiences 4

Flower Essence Massage

A customized massage that promotes flower alchemy, a way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants that transform your mood and your mind to reach a deeper experience of relaxation. The treatment starts with a flower chart reading to determine the kind of flower essence the massage therapist to use with your treatment. Flower Essences create immediate positive effect on mood and state of mind, revitalizing the body, accelerate personal growth and eliminate non-constructive patterns.

60 minutes – $170
90 minutes – $230

Shot of a relaxed, cheerful young woman getting a massage indoors at a spa

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle, rhythmic massage that relaxes soft body tissue, alleviates stress and tension, and contributes to a sense of overall well-being. This massage is lighter in touch and includes long flowing strokes to assist with deep relaxation.

60 minutes – $170
90 minutes – $230

Close-up shot of a woman enjoying relaxing back and shoulder massage at spa.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. The techniques used are performed slower and the pressure is deeper to ensure concentration in areas of tension. This therapy is ideal for guests with issues of chronic tension or who are experienced with massage.

60 minutes, $170
90 minutes – $230

Closeup shot of a woman getting a hot stone massage at a spa

Sacred Stone Massage

Warm stones and gentle pressure create the perfect combination to relieve stress and tension in your muscles and joints. The warmth of the stones in this body treatment allows your therapist to access deeper muscle layers to promote ultimate relaxation.

75 minutes, $230

Man and woman lie on massage tables getting back massages surrounded by candles and flowers

Couples Massage

Enjoy the intimacy that comes with sharing the experience of your massage with another in our couple’s suite.

Pricing is based on the type of massage/body treatment you select.

A couple looks at an ultrasound of their baby

Maternity Massage

A salute to expectant mothers, this relaxing massage is nurturing for both the mother and child. Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. A blend of essential oils specifically formulated for pregnancy is used to perform this massage. Please note: Maternity massage is available for guests once the first trimester is completed.

60 minutes, $170
90 minutes – $230

Creekside Spa Treatment

Creekside Massages

Let the soothing sounds of Oak Creek nourish you during your massage of choice (Sacred Stone Massage or L’Aromatherpy Massage are not available creekside). Please note: This is offered seasonally and is available during spa hours of operation.

Add $40 to the massage of your choice

Signature Experiences 7

In-Room Treatments

Embrace the calm and luxurious interior of your cottage, representative of Sedona’s tranquil scenery, while experiencing an in-room spa treatment. (Sacred Stone Massage or L’Aromatherpy Massage are not available creekside).

Add $40 to the massage of your choice

Body Treatments

Signature Experiences

Sedona Dreams Scrub

Exfoliate your skin with this invigorating and moisturizing ginger lime sugar scrub. The combination of delightful foods work wonders on your skin. Antioxidants in ginger preserve skin’s youthful appearance, the lime juice is a pore tightening astringent which ward off bacteria and the coconut oil is a luxurious moisturizer and the sugar hydrates your skin. After the exfoliation, the body is cleansed, moisturized with organic Argan oil and wrapped.This service is concluded with head, neck and shoulder massage.

60 minutes, $170

salt mixture with rosebuds and pine cones

Arizona Sunset Body Scrub

Mineral salt has been long praised for its healing benefits. It’s known for stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, and removing toxins. This body treatment includes a replenishing scrub using the mineral-rich sea salt with your choice of aromatherapy and a nourishing prickly pear butter application. It culminates with a head, neck, and scalp massage.

60 minutes, $170

woman mixes oil with scrub botanicals

Desert Sage Sugar Scrub

In this L’Apothecary body treatment, organic cane sugar restores balance to your skin while acting as a natural exfoliant. Combined with hints of juniper, sage, and cypress, this gentle body scrub removes dead skin cells, relieves stress, increases circulation, detoxifies, and stimulates the skin’s renewal process. It culminates with a head, neck, and scalp massage while your skin is rehydrated with a luxurious white tea body butter.

60 minutes – $170

L'Apothecary Salt Scrub

Agave Salt Glow

Treat your muscles and skin to a full body scrub that will leave you glowing from the inside. The treatment is started with an unscented, mineral-rich sea salt enhanced with your choice of aromatherapy along with a hydrating white tea body butter. This light blend gives your skin a sensitive, yet nourishing touch.

60 minutes – $170


Shot of an attractive young woman lying face up, getting a massage at a spa

Inner Peace Cranial Sacral

This treatment is designed to release compression in the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The innate wisdom of your body guides the session, allowing you to release and unwind as needed, bringing you to a true state of relaxation. This treatment ends with Inner Peace Mist and a Tibetan singing bowl to bring you back into your body.

60 minutes – $170

L'Apothecary Massage

Holistic Massage

Receive a combination of therapeutic massage with the restorative and healing benefits of energy work to create balance, both emotional and physical.
• Holistic Massage with Cranial Sacral
• Holistic Massage with Reflexology
• Reiki

90 minutes – $230

L'Apothecary Aromaterapy Massage

Quiet Mind

Inspired by the Quiet Mind flower essence blend from Lotus Wei, this treatment is designed to help you turn off your mind and fully experience your massage. The flower essences include geranium, bird of paradise, and passion flower, and helps support you in letting go of distractions and dissolving muscle tension. You’ll also learn simple guided breathing techniques while the therapist attunes facial acupressure points. As the mind calms, you’ll experience a deeply relaxing massage, without your mind interrupting.

90 minutes – $245

Reiki Energy Healing


Step into a meditative, therapeutic & relaxing holistic experience with an old form of energy healing. Reiki has been passed on through generations as an intuitive and guided healing modality to address all forms of ailments.This type of service is performed with clothes on in a lying position on the massage table. Allow yourself to step out of the physical world where your mind never stops moving and into a new space that is quiet, peaceful and integrative.

60 min – $170


Woman lies face up on massage table smiling with brownish green face mask treatment on face

L’Apothecary Signature 90-Minute Facial

This luxurious and relaxing facial treatment is customized based on skin type and can address a variety of concerns such as dehydration, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, and congestion. Your skin will feel balanced and nourished after a deep cleansing, renewing exfoliation and mineral-rich botanical peel-off masque. Relaxation is taken to a deeper level with the addition of a gentle pressure-point facial massage that will assist in the draining of toxins by manually activating the lymphatic system. The addition of a  heated hand treatment leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth. The L’Apothecary Signature Facial will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed, as well as your mind and body.

90 minutes, $230

Woman in white headband lies on massage table as face treatment is applied with brush

L’Apothecary Signature 60-Minute Facial

This personalized facial helps treat all skin concerns with a custom blend of cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing ingredients. Massage is an integral part of this facial, making it not only results oriented, but also relaxing. The L’Apothecary Signature 60 will leave your skin—as well as your mind and body—feeling healthy and balanced.

60 minutes, $170

Private Instruction

A woman practicing yoga on a rock alongside a stream as the sun peers through the trees.

Customized Yoga

Based on a written and intuitive evaluation by one of our highly trained teachers, you will be taken on a distinctive journey of you—incorporating mind/body and energetic practice. This unique Sedona yoga session can focus primarily on the physical, the emotional, or the spiritual, based on your request. Novice to Intermediate

60 minutes, $170

close up of a woman holding a Tibetan singing bowl

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system through various techniques. This signature sensory healing experience begins with a brief discussion of primordial sound healing and moves into a few simple interactive practices of toning and mantra, allowing new discoveries of yourself to surface. Next, a deep relaxation and chakra balancing are achieved through the sounds of seven native flutes that are tuned to the seven main energy centers of the body. Novice to Advanced.

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people

Signature Experiences 6

Connecting with Nature – Shinrin-Yoku

L’Apothecary Spa, set amidst towering woods and flowing creek, affords matchless spa experiences such as bathing in nature. Referred to as “Shinrin-Yoku” in Japan, it is the practice of channeling nature’s essence for the wellness it provides. It focuses on soaking in the essence of the forest (rather than the literal sense of taking a bath in the middle of the forest). A certified Shinrin-Yoku facilitator guides you, immersing you in the natural forest environment to elicit scientifically proven benefits like reduced blood pressure and stress, boosted immune system function, and improved sleep. The experience disconnects you from the world, allowing connections with nature and providing healing practices you can utilize in everyday life. Your session includes an eco-journal to record your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Dress appropriately for the weather with comfortable clothing and shoes. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people

A woman sitting cross-legged practicing yoga

Customized Meditation

Enhance your current practice or learn new methods to promote relaxation and well-being. Methods include guiding imagery, pranayama, and sound healing. Novice to Advanced.

60 minutes, $170

Blending Bar

Signature Experiences

Body Scrub or Bath Soak

L’Apothecary Spa’s blending station features a variety of handcrafted bath scrubs and bath soaks mixed on the spot, allowing guests to create their own blends using local plants and ingredients.

8 ounce – $35

Top view of a hand pouring liquid into a stone mixing bowl

L’Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Create your signature essential oil blend at our L’Apothecary bar expressing your story in a whole range of aromatherapy products. Our coordinators and therapists will guide you but also allow you to create a custom blend that speaks to your desires.

Massage Oil, 2oz – $15

Shea Butter, 8oz – $35

Aloe Vera Mist, 20z – $15

Roll-on Crystal Infusion Perfume, 10ml – $35

Accommodation & Spa Packages

Cottage with Private Entrance

L’Auberge Awakenings

Book 90 days in advance to stay in one of our luxury cottages and receive a complimentary L’Apothecary Spa treatment and a nourishing blending experience.

L’Auberge Holiday Celebrations

Home for the Holidays

Book your Home for the Holidays in a Creek or Garden Cottage with a wood-burning fireplace and luxurious seasonal amenities.

a woman in a wide brim hat walks under a flowered walkway in the sun

2022 Revitalization Retreats

L’Auberge de Sedona has partnered with personal transformation consultant Donna Bond to curate a week with daily workshops, mindful practices and Sedona exploration to create an experiential journey for those seeking nourishment of mind, body and soul.

Feed the Spirit

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